Disease SNP Database (DSD)

The DSD (Disease SNP Database) is one of the most comprehensive database which includes detail of SNPs which are involved in variety of disease. Though much effort and time was invested in designing and creating the database, it is far from complete. In the database, we have only included those disease SNPs which are proven to be involved in causing diseases. During our data curation we excluded many entries:

  1. Those SNPs, whose presence in population reduces the frequency of occurrence of disease rather than causing it, were excluded from the database.
  2. Information about some SNP was present in the research paper, but information was not available in NCBI SNP database.
  3. Some SNPs showed association to particular chromosomal region but failed to show association with specific gene.
  4. Some SNPs were suspected to be involved in disease but experiments did not show any evidence of association.

Thus our database contains only those SNPs which have been shown experimentally to be involved in pathogenesis or in increasing the frequency of occurrence of disease in population. Though our database is small, it contains information about SNPs which have been tested using both in-vitro and in-silico studies. So, chances of getting a false or unproven result are negligible. As the experimental data continues to accumulate, we will be expanding our database to include new SNPs that are experimentally proven.

If a new SNP is found, its involvement in disease can easily be predicted based on our database. Also, we have included population specific information, so our database can be of immense help to researchers who are analyzing population specific disease frequency, based on genetic data. Also, the frequency and probability values can help predict statistical models for the disease.